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BigCut 25-125

Hydroscand – BigCut 25-125

The BigCut is a semi automatic heavy duty cutting machine designed to cut even the toughest hoses. It has a semi automatic hood protection, adjustable feeding- and prebend-system and an integrated cooling system for best cutting result. It is prepared with a smoke evacuation connection, a 15kW* motor and a large Ø600 mm cutting blade to ensure cutting hoses with maximum outer diameter 180 mm.

Hose Capacity – steek wire: 1″ – 6″
Hose Capacity 10 layers: 1″ – 3 1/2″
Max. hose diameter OD: 180 mm

Length: 1430 mm
Depth: 1250 mm
Height: 1370 mm
Weight: 790 Kg

BigCut 25-125: 9010-30-00

Cutting blade HSM 600x4x80 Toothed: 9005-02-03