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MaxiCut 5-60

Hydroscand – MaxiCut 5-60 Hose Cutting Machine

MaxiCut 5-60 is a high performance and very safe pneumatically operated hose cutting machine. The cutter has a 5 kW motor and a 400 mm cutting blade. The machine is suitable for hoses with up to four steel braids with dimensions from 3/16″ up to 2″. This model has an “open throat” hatch for inserting the hose from the front. The machine is also equipped with a pre-selection for three different cutting speeds to avoid overheating of the cutting blade and variable cutting stroke.

Hose Dimension 1-2-4 layers: 3/16″ – 2″
Max hose diameter OD: 80 mm

Length: 700 mm
Depth: 600 mm
Height: 1300 mm
Weight: 140 Kg

MaxiCut 5-60 400V 3-phase: 9009-00-00
MaxiCut 5-60 230V 3-phase: 9009-00-01

Cutting blade HSM 400x4x50 Smooth: 9009-01-04
Cutting blade HSM 400x4x50 Toothed: 9009-01-05
Cutting blade 400x4x50 TS: 9009-01-02