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E-Cleaner Maxi

With few wear parts and sturdy pistol grip, it is a nearly indestructible gun

Hydroscand – E-Cleaner Maxi is a robust cleaning gun for the toughest environments. The gun that changed the industry in cleaning with projectiles. Made of cast aluminum. Recharges easily with a simple push of the thumb wherein the nozzle is opened and new projectile can be charged.

Hose capacity: 2″
Tube capacity ID: 60 mm
Max length: Up to 100 meters
Purity level ISO4406: ISO 20/17
Air pressure: min.6 bar

9033-00-01: E-cleaner Maxi-Gun
9033-00-00: E-cleaner Maxi-hoseset incl.11 std.nozzles
9034-00-00: E-cleaner Maxi-tubeset incl.11 std.nozzles
Purity level ISO4406: ISO 20/17


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